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Originally Posted by rodracquet View Post
The semi flat top craze re emerged from Australia thanks to Jack Crawford trying Norman Brookes (Wimbledon Champ 1907,1914) racquet at his holiday home. Jack really liked how it felt. The GM of Alexander Racquet company took away Norman's old one and fashioned up some for Jack to use and after winning Wimbledon in 1933, the Australian racquet industry took off with a full range of oval/semi flat top designs, plain and diagonal stringing and a massive influx of design enhancements colour, wrappings, shaped throats and shafts etc. It put Australian makers on the map and a huge export industry resulted for Slazenger, Hedley, Brewer and Alexander.

Here are three........

The Alexander rackets make for nice displays especially with the tennis history they represent. I remember being very surprised the first time a found one and realized it was circa 1930s and a flat top.
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