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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Actually I think I got over excited about the Wilson.

Although I have not played with it I have lifted both and checked out the specs . The tour 95 just feels so much more like a players stick.

I have fallen in love with it and I doubt Wilson will win me
Over ....jury is still out.

As for putting vortex out of was I wrong . In fact I think Wilson has legitimized Vortex.

Once Wilson copied Vortex it's obvious that sparse string patterns are legit and people are now looking at the vortex seriously.

It's a racquet way ahead of it's time .

Wilson may end up just buying out vortex. As it stands now you can't even get your hands on a tour 95 because they are sold out . They may get a shipment on June but from the looks of it they can't produce them fast enough.

Not sure if this was brought out before but wouldn't Vortex have reason to serve a cease and desist on Wilson?

Vortex uses 14 mains vs the Steam's 15 mains - maybe that lets Wilson off the hook
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