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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Its hit and miss in the Little Mos. Some excellent players in the younger groups, along with some beginners who have trouble hitting 3 balls over the net.
I have a student who I think is pretty close to being ready for a tournament. He is no phenom but is very athletic, hits the ball well and has a great attitude. I want him to have a great first tournament experience-get his feet wet and see how he likes it. Sounds like they have a first round consolation. With NorCal rolling out 10 and Under he is going to have to start with a red ball/small court which seems like a waste of time and money. But maybe not-maybe it will give him great confidence. 6 months ago at a 10 and under workshop they told us that there was "no mandate" but it seems as though now with the pathway there is a mandate. I would appreciate anyone's experience with all of this!
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