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Originally Posted by eastbayliz View Post
More hoops to jump through equals more cost for families. Tournaments (even for Juniors) are expensive and time consuming. I see this as a real barrier. I advocate for the kids in the junior program I work for. How about the kids who don't have an advocate? I can't help but get a little cynical here about the "industry within an industry" that I see. But I don't want to miss the forest for a tree here. Tennis is a wonderful thing for kids however it turns out.
Tennis is filled with average kids. Kids who just want play opportunities and to be rewarded for their hard work. Having a guided system with benchmarks will provide that (not to say that this is the right system for it). We need more casual one day events for kids in 10u tennis and Green ball 12s to achieve their benchmarks. It sadly has to be mandated or else lazy directors and pros will not make the changes necessary to grow tennis in the direction of the casual player/average player. Competition for kids needs to be geared for wider range of kids; this compared to the more elite / advanced players it is currently geared towards.

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