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Djokovic is like 10 times more attacking than Nadal. Djokovic doesn't return from 10 feet behind the baseline and resort to only retrieving when he's down in a match. Have you seen Djokovic play Federer? They are both hugging the baseline and not willing to give up ground,this is why their matches are so intense and the result is a coin-flip. I dare Ralph to play like that against Federer, he won't cause he'd rather moonball from 10 feet behind the baseline,the chicken is too scared to lose.
I don't know why would someone would like to change a style of play against his opponent when a certain style has more often than not helped him win. It might not look good to the eyes but it was effective.

From my point of view, the only blot on Federer's career was that he was unable to find a strategy to counter Nadal consistently. Its all too fine to point out to their several clay court meetings and relatively few indoor or hard court encounters. But that's the way tour works !!!
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