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Originally Posted by SFrazeur View Post
It will never work unless it is mandated. Most directors and tennis pros are lazy and myopic. They will keep with the statuesque even to the detriment of a larger amount of players--all because it is easier for pros themselves. There is no reason for said pros to train players with the appropriate balls unless it is what they will be using in competition.

The market will decide just fine. It has nothing to do with lazy directors. Down here for 2 years now we have had numerous tournaments that offered every possible combinations called ROYG ball tournaments. These tournaments offer red, orange, yellow, green. These were set up voluntarily with no mandates and pushed by the equipment manufacturers. In many cases there are no entrants into half the offerings.

Some areas do go by age mandates. Kids get bored easily with the red and greens. They simply quit tennis and focus on sports they find more fun. I have seen it happen for several years now.

Coaches have always used low compression balls to teach kids. Before they were available, they would use very old balls with little bounce. Small marked courts have also been used for decades. There is nothing new to this except the mandates.

Make no mistake about it, the equipment manufacturers are behind this, it has nothing to do with a better way to develop kids. Good coaches develop good players, lazy coaches develop bad players, no matter the balls used or any mandates.

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