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Originally Posted by Vish13 View Post
I don't know why would someone would like to change a style of play against his opponent when a certain style has more often than not helped him win. It might not look good to the eyes but it was effective.

From my point of view, the only blot on Federer's career was that he was unable to find a strategy to counter Nadal consistently. Its all too fine to point out to their several clay court meetings and relatively few indoor or fast court encounters. But that's the way tour works !!!
Ftfy. Nadal wanted to win Wimby hard, and the 2008 edition was the perfect opportunity: Federer was mentally destroyed after RG, and Wimby was incredibly slow (for grass). On the other hand for the USO that is faster, he had to wait for the piece of cake draw to win the title. Not that I wouldn't have done the same. I would, really. And then he almost disappears when the fastest end year tournaments arrive. Hence his results at the WTF (mixed with indoors, even faster). This, or his body giving up from the first part of the season bashing. A mixture of both IMO. At the AO, there are simply better hard-courters than him (especially one), Federer or not. Despite the rather slow surface in Australia, and the scorching hot weather.


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