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Originally Posted by barringer97 View Post
Exactly. People don't understand (or see) the benefits of hitting yellow balls. A proper mix makes sense to me, but saying you can't hit a yellow ball until you can slice is freaking ridiculous.
barringer, you just nailed another major problem with the low compression balls. Kids can learn to slice easily. Then that becomes their backhand and sometimes their forehands.

Once they go to yellow balls, instead of moving the feet and getting up to the balls so they can hit solid backhands, they resort to slice after slice after slice.

Many good coaches do not allow the kids to slice until the other strokes are automatic. And then the slice must be used properly depending on the situation.

Tennis is not easy to learn and play. There are no short cuts. Sure the low bounce balls are a nice tool. But they can also mask laziness if in the wrong hands for the wrong purpose.

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