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Originally Posted by eastbayliz View Post
I am familiar with TAUT and have gone to a number of play days and workshops. I utilize a ton of this stuff in practice. I don't believe that a player needs to be as skilled as your description above to find playing half court with red balls unchallenging. Red balls/Orange balls are a great teaching tool. But for talented young players who hit well on the full court I can't see the logic in mandating they play at a artificial low level. The better kids I work with don't want to play with the slow balls. They find it boring. They are flat out too good.
My point is that TAUT is a not a race to hit a decent enough forehand and then move to Yellow balls / 78' ct. It's classic Could vs Should. A player could be on 78' but they should be on the court size that allows them to play and develop a full court game / different skills.

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