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I have what I believe to be sports hernias on BOTH sides unfortunately. The right side was pretty bad about 2 years ago, but gradually got to the point where it's nothing..I'd wear a support and ice the area.

Now I have a more serious issue with my left side that seemed to flare up badly about 3 weeks ago. I turned quickly to retrieve a lob and felt a strange sensation in my groin. I thought it was just a groin strain, but when I could barely lift my trunk up the next morning, with pain from my groin to my lower abdominals, I knew it was something else. I took a week off from activity completely.

This has absolutely killed what speed I had remaining at first step in any direction is hindered badly by this injury. I used to get "man you cover a lot of ground" all the time from I'm just another old guy who winces every time he has to move or stop quickly.

I've been doing light abdominal and core work (the lack of which was most likely the cause of the injury, everyone take heed), icing it at night, taking Ibuprofen and applying heat rub before matches, and the pain is now tolerable, and I woke up this morning felling significantly better, only mild discomfort. My next match is Wednesday so we'll see how that goes.

If anything, with the first injury, I've proven to myself that you can recover from this. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, just telling you my own anecdote.

A visit to the doctor is going to result in:
1) being told to rest it until it stops hurting,

2) surgery.

There's nothing else they can really do. They will not recommend physical therapy until you are pain free, which means you will probably be out for months if you follow their recommendations
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