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Originally Posted by SFrazeur View Post
Tennis Coach FLA,

The reason kids are getting bored with red balls is because pros are not teaching them a game with depth; to use different tactics. A player should not have to wait to learn a slice backhand or to chip and charge until the yellow ball and 78' court.

The different divisions will not make unless pros train kids using those balls. many pros are lazy and will keep doing what they have been doing with the yellow ball. I made that point earlier. You might have missed it. Yes. lazy coaches will develop bad player no matter what. That wasn't my point. Lazy pros will not change unless they are forced.

SF, I can only speak for S. FL. Many weekends we have so much choice all within an hour or so drive. Several ROGY tournaments with every choice, yellow ball 12s with kids from 7-12 playing.

I still see the same exact terrible strokes in the reds and oranges, and I see some very nice strokes in all levels.

I am does the type of ball "force" a bad coach to change in your mind? To be honest, this one is going right over my head because pros teach the same way, good or bad, no matter if they use balloons or yellow balls. The Spanish ignored the low compression balls and use proper hand feeds to teach even 4 year olds the right swing pattern.

As far as slicing, I addressed that in my last post. Unfortunately teaching a slice too early results in WAY more problems down the line. More times than not the slice becomes the go to backhand at the expense of a solid top spin backhand.

The only difference I have seen in a few years of ROGY balls is that now 5-6 year olds with bad strokes now are rushed into local tournaments.

Euros are patient and use the low compression balls to teach the kids the right way.....American parents use them as a reason to toss 5 year olds into tennis tournaments.

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