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Well, what country should we model our junior development pathway around? The ITF does not allow 10-and-under children to play international events. To put everything in perspective, baseball is on the decline in the U.S. Everyone has heard of the Little League World Series for 12-and-under players. Of the 7,000 kids who have participated in the Little League World Series in the last 60 years, only 31 have ever played in Major League Baseball and no Little League World Series pitcher have ever pitched in the major leagues.

In tracking participants of one Little League World Series team, fewer than half of the kids on the Spring, Texas, finalist team in 1995 played high school baseball.

See the parallels?

All of the above information and more can be found in the book "Positioning Youth Tennis For Success," available through the USTA. This is a must read for any realistic coach or parent.

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