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The iridium coating has a reputation for scratching easily - so I have avoided the iridium lenses.

Know what?

I posted I had the bronze polarized above, but your post made me go back and look at the Oakley web site, and then at my Oakley packaging that I kept.

Turns out I have the Oakley polarized amber.

(The polarized amber transmit 30% of light/block 70% of incoming light, while the bronze are considerably darker at only transmitting 15% of the light coming in (i.e. block 85% of the light coming in.)

[I've gone back and edited the original post so as not to confuse others.]

The amber is dark enough to protect the eyes, provide good contrast and let me play with them on cloudy days and fairly late into the evening.

Even with very dark sunglasses, you shouldn't toss the ball directly into the sun on a serve, so I think with all sunglasses you need to modify your serve type or where you stand on the baseline if you have a game where the sun would be directly in line with the tossed ball for one of your three serves (slice, flat or kick).

Besides the issue of scratching iridium coated lenses, the lenses you mention are pretty dark:
Gold iridium - only 12% light transmission
Fire iridium - only 15% light transmission

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