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Originally Posted by shaqtus View Post
I have been die hard Adidas guy, and love the wear I get from Barricades, but
they really aren't that nice to my feet and my toes/toe nails are taking the beating. And in general I am starting to feel they are just too stiff, especially the new 7s.. My wife, who is a runner, told me about how she always loved her old shoes and thought beat up feet was part of the deal, but just happened to switch to asics and her feet have been better for it. So also thinking about looking at Asics tennis, but this is about Nike today. (but feel free to chime in on Asics)

I have a chance to get a great deal on all the Nike Shoes.

What do you all like about the following choices.
Zoom Vapor 9.
Air Max Cage.
Court Ballistec 4.3.

I can get most of these for 50-60 bucks.

Sell me on the above options. I am an aggressive serve and volley (mostly), hard court player playing 3x per week.

Thanks in advance!
Holy cow! You can get vapor 9s for $50-$60???? Can I be your new best friend? Is there a site you're getting for this price or do you just have a good connection?
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