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Default Over grip a la gasquet?

Does anyone overgrip their racquets a la gasquet?(only half of the handle) Mainly for one hand backhand players although someone out there with a two handed may do this as well. The reason I'm wondering is because recently I've noticed that the top portion of my over grip stays relatively new and usable while the bottom portion gets trashed. So no I'm experimenting with doing overgrips on only half the handle. So far (with wilson pro overgrip) it's not quite long enough to split comfortably between two racquets.

So I'm wondering if anyone out there uses only half overgrips and what grip brands do you use? Happy to hear opinions as well? Is it look weird? My other issue is that the grip tape tears away at the base grip because by gripping it only halfway you apply the finishing tape onto the base grip.

Also, does anyone know why does gasquet do this? I imagine it works for him because he has a one handed but does he do it to save time or money?
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