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Originally Posted by gopokes View Post
I gave an older lady some lessons last summer - she was playing one of those 9 oz 115 sq/in frames and spraying balls everywhere. I gave her one of my redondos and she began to play with much more control - the extra weight of the frame helped to slow her down and made it harder for her to incorporate wrist into her strokes...ultimately she went back to her light frame because her husband had bought it for her - I also didn't want to crap-talk her frame too much, but silently, it was a moment of enlightenment for me in terms of teaching folks how to play. I think rackethead speed becomes less important at the senior level - it's more about good mechanics, touch, and movement.
Agree...I've improved many of my friends games by taking away their toys and having them hit with something real over 11.5! Selfish reason was to have a better time hitting with them,got sick of returning weak, loopy, topspin shots.
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