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Originally Posted by eelhc View Post
Interesting thread. Particularly since I'm considering a new stick:

I am presently playing with an OS (Babolat Y105) and I am looking for more control. For sure i need to improve my game and get more consistent but the Babolat seems to me it's too much power. I have to consciously take a quite a bit off my swing otherwise I'm hitting it out. I'm a fit 6ft 190lbs with average strength for a guy my size. The Babolat is 9.5oz unstrung (feels lighter) and stiff. I'm wondering if I wouldn't benefit from a heavier, more control oriented stick.
Make sure you demo a lot. Going from the Y105 to a lower powered stick can be a big change and may require a change in your swing style that you may or may not be willing to make (depending on time and patience).

I think the general guideline is to use the heaviest racket you feel comfortable using.

I'm not a big believer in a single magic stick so try a wide range to see what you like. Don't rule out "tweeners", just because one person loves a Wilson K88 doesn't mean it will be the stick for you.
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