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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
If you mean the gold/black previous Blade, I'm actually having a hard time choosing between that and the 16x19 'Black Blade' - which is a real surprise as I'm usually definitely an open pattern kind of guy... great frames those gold/blacks IMO.
Yes, the Blade BLX, which is either Gold/Black (cheapest in TWE) or pink/black (cheapest in TWUSA). Although I heard it's not a tolerant racquet and hits hard for it's size and pattern. And it's because there's a bias between France and USA in terms of feeling. Americans find what France finds very powerful, average, and vice-versa. So what I read in TT and in France is pretty different. Which is sad, since I search a more tolerant and stable racquet (have a 95inē16*19 64RA right now, very, very soft racquet, lots of dampening on off-center hits), and I read it isn't very tolerant and soft... In France. Little to no mention of this aspect in TT as you'd expect, except in the playtest, but they almost all try poly first. I can still playtest this part. In fact, what makes me a bit more worried is that I read there seems to be consistency issues between sticks from Wilson. EDIT: Since I want to take two sticks at the same time. I don't care about RA, SW and stuff like this, I just want the sticks to perform the same.

Heard the new ones are less hard on the arm, the 16*19 is livelier and 18*20 very similar to its predecessor. Given how dirt cheap they are, I'm taking the 18 one, want more safety in my game and more stability would be nice.

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