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Originally Posted by Marubex View Post
Hi, I have been playing for the last couple of years a Volk Organix 10 (295), and like its control, maneuverability and comfort (have shoulder issues). But recently I have been wanting a little more pop, what would be your suggestions?
I have used a Wilson BLX 6.1 Team (the older version with the closed pattern) but don't quite like its feel, and even though it is lighter it is much less maneuverable, though my backhand is better with it.
You have a great frame there for all of the aspects that you favor with comfort being the most important I would think given your shoulder. I would first try more powerful strings and setup.

I agree that the radical is a decent choice (not strung too tightly). Wilson is not a great choice given your shoulder imo. Dunlop M3.0 and Slazenger V98 Team would slot in there but do not string above mid level of recommended tension. The Volkl x10-295 is a great frame and the most comfortable of the lot in this spec range. I have not hit with the new Prokennex KiQ5 but that would be on my short list as well. Good luck!
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