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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
I absolutely agree that Nadal would be excellent in any era. Just as I believe Laver would be excellent in any era.

But Nadal wouldn't be great because of his great topspin. Not with a Maxply racquet. It isn't happening. I believe in Laver's era, Nadal would develop the necessary touch and net game required in that era -- and be successful.

But the things that give him success in this era, are not the things that would make him successful in Laver's era.
Sorry but I disagree. Yes Nadal would develop a better net game and touch. But I think the skills he already has would also be useful in the 60's. Not as effective as they are now ofcourse but still effective. His speed and movement would be excellent in any era wouldn't you agree? Would that not aid him in his success.

Likewise I'm often told by those in the Former Greats section that many older players did hit with topspin. Now why is it wrong for me to say that Nadal would still generate some topspin even with an older raquet?

I thought it best to mention the qualities he possesses rather than hypotheticals, however true they maybe.
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