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Originally Posted by eelhc View Post
Interesting thread. Particularly since I'm considering a new stick:

I am presently playing with an OS (Babolat Y105) and I am looking for more control. For sure i need to improve my game and get more consistent but the Babolat seems to me it's too much power. I have to consciously take a quite a bit off my swing otherwise I'm hitting it out. I'm a fit 6ft 190lbs with average strength for a guy my size. The Babolat is 9.5oz unstrung (feels lighter) and stiff. I'm wondering if I wouldn't benefit from a heavier, more control oriented stick.
if you want to stick to Babolat, it might be worth checking out the Pure Storm Tour GT ...

It's not so heavy and small that it will be demoralising (unlike some sub 90" sticks), but at the same time it will encourage you to take full swings at the ball and position yourself well.

It's a 98" stick (not too small) and will be something you can use as you get better and better. It's also, less stiff than your current stick.

also, you'll find that you as you get better in terms of skill, you'll be able to control your lighter sticks by closing the racquet face, or by adding spin and such.
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