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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I'd like to add something else to this discussion...

Players racquets aren't as hard to use as people think and...

Easier tweener type racquets won't be as easy as you think.

Also.... there are no magic rules of thumb here and no black and white solution. Everyone needs to try out different types of racquets to see what they enjoy playing with and what yields the best results.

Most heavier racquets have smaller sweetspots and that also makes them harder to use. They are also generally less powerful. Those 2 things plus the extra weight can lead to more balls not going back over the net.

I have used many different types of racquets over the past 3 years and have played pretty much the same with most of them. I only saw minor differences in the actual on court results. However there were major differences in how they felt TO ME and how much I enjoyed using them.
This is how I feel too.
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