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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
lovely attitude, mate, very impressive.

and speak for yourself, I lost to one of those guys in three sets in the Q/F, and he didn't even have a dora the explorer frame or anything.

the phenomenon you are observing is fairly well known, but is more of a comment on the quality (or lack thereof) of the players involved.

it is a bit like a racquet version of red ball tennis, the weight of the frame slows down the swing of very poor players enough that they can actually hit groundstrokes. Trouble is, it encourages the kind of swing path that will leave them stuck at that low level forever.

this is why so many 3.5s swear by 13oz frames because they are perfect for the game that they have evolved, short swings and blocked returns.

better players control depth with spin (see Rafa, who is well known for his sub 12oz frame) and combat incoming pace with RHS, not 'plow though'

note, I refer here to sticks in the 10.5 to 11.5 oz range especially, I have no experience with sub 10.5 oz frames so I can't really comment, although it seems unlikely they would be stable enough to hit with any real pace

of course, your mileage may vary, and even pros sticks vary dramatically from standard blades and APDS through to leaded up clubs like that thing Kimiko Date-Krumm plays with

but, for rec players, a 'player's stick', while it might feed your ego, is more than likely to hold you back.

but who cares, really, if it makes you happy?
could you please elaborate on this?

i would have thought that, if anything, a heavier player's stick would force one to take a full swing at the ball, rather than block or take short swings. also, when serving a players' stick would punish bad form due to it's weight, you'd really need to have a proper swing path and get the racquet moving otherwise the serves won't reach the net or go beyond the baseline at the 2nd bounce... is this not correct?

it seems to me that with a light stick, one can just flick the ball over or have bad form on serve and not notice because the racquet is so light.

i use two sticks. my main one is around 11.5 oz (325 grams, 320ish swing weight estimated) and the other is in the 360-370 gram range 12.7-13 oz depending on how much lead in the head (340-350ish swing weight estimated), both headlight 4.5 and 6.5* head light respectively... i hit almost the same with both sticks, early shoulder turn, full swing starting from slightly below the ball and hit through with a slightly closed face. i do feel that when my form gets lazy, a hitting session with the heavier racquet helps get me back into the groove. I should probably settle closer to 360 grams though. 13 oz is a bit much.

* It's even more headlight at the lower swing weight, with reduced lead in the head (closer to 8 points i think). I will probably settle for the more headlight version.
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