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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
It was crazy, the officiating always manages to contribute

I thought Eboue had the goal of the night, until I saw Drogba's! He is looking as lean as ever, and still finishing like that. We could do with him still.
My reaction from seeing Drogba's goal

He's still got it! Sneijder's goal was great too, nutmegged Varane and made him look like a fool.

Haha, that has way too much white. I'm hoping it's just a training shirt though. The other one i've seen doing the rounds has a bit of yellow on it, but it's just as ugly as the one you found.

I think we've been spoilt this year, the blue and gold looked amazing.
Yeah it seems like we'd be trying to emulate the Brazil of 2002. We can't even touch them let alone try to play football like them. What a team that was all those years ago.
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