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Originally Posted by -RF- View Post
Played tennis today and was losing 6-2 5-1. Somehow managed to save an MP and turn it round to take it 6-2 5-7 4-6( cue slightly unnecessary nadal wimby 08 celebration at the end yo, i'm still pretty young ). No idea how i did it though.. he collapsed mentally and choked.

My opponent (with whom I regularly play against) is pretty mentally strong. Many times he's fought back against my leads and beaten me, which I guess is why I found today so surprising.

So guys, what have been your biggest chokes? There was a time last year I was actually 6-0 5-2 (40-15) up to the same guy and ended up losing... took a few good days to get over that. My record for wasting MP's is 7 . And what have been your best comebacks?
I was up 5-0 in the second set last year and ended up losing the set and the match 5-7. That was annoying as hell.
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