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Originally Posted by max200G View Post
Here is something I had posted a while back that might help. I posted this almost three years ago 4-27-10. Funny ?

The consistency of the Neos 1000 tension is no LESS precise than a drop weight or a electronic constant pull machine assuming that all are calibrated correctly and assuming that the electronic machine is not one that has the over shoot situation. (mine do not)
The consistency that you speak of is coming more from the stringer regardless of the machine. I own and string on several different types of machines and can easily reproduce the same string bed stiffness regardless of what machine I use.

The fact that the Neos 1000 does not have 306 degrees of rotation is more of a benefit than a negative. As a result of having the tension head located higher, is the primary reasons that you do not have to add 10% of tension when comparing it to a electronic constant pull machine this is because the string is being pulled straight from the string hole with out causing any friction. If the tension head was positioned lower allowing for 360 rotation the tension head would be pulling the string out of the frame downward causing friction causing tension loss.
While the Neos is not the latest technology it has the ability to support the frame and provide consistent string job. The reliability and convenience of the machine's functions, including calibration, and the overall quality enables it to be so user friendly.
The Neos 1000 has been a bench mark and the industry leader, a work horse without any problems for many decades.
Thanks, great post.
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