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Originally Posted by rodracquet View Post
Love the R___co. A guy from the US contacted me a few years back and said the brand was sold through the likes of KMART. It was also noted that the build quality was questionable to the point where a smash may indeed see the head of your racquet embedded in your opponents as the holding screws give way........

Also nice to see the PUMA PCS window models which indeed look like the ADAM PRO design. I can't see the butt cap but in the Adam model he uses a hexagonal knob not a screw like the Becker Model.
The build quality of the R A Y C O is indeed questionable. The only thing that holds the grip section and the head section together is that small screw shown in the plastic bag attached to the strings. There is not even a nut for the screw. You simply set length and then push the screw into a small hole on the side of the racket to the grip section it in place. Product liability lawyers would have a field-day with this racket design! I've never hit with this racket but I definately wouldn't feel comfortable playing doubles with it - unless, of course, I didn't like my partner!
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