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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
arche3 - so I exposed you as one who talks a big game but doesn't have the balls to show it against me... and you are gonna tell the teacher... you in 3rd grade?

balla - which is more useless thread? 4.5 v fed leftie, or 0 to 5.0 in 1 year?

it's a legit discussion - 1hb needs more time, further from the baseline, more exposed to drop shots... which part of this is so hard to understand.

and to everyone else who says - "hey i can defend baseline just fine" or "lookie, this pro takes the ball early" - you are arguing individual data points against a general theory.
Your such a loser. So because I won't bother playing tennis with you your so butt hurt you have to talk like your the rocky balboa of rec tennis? There is no prize in park tennis you idiot. You don't win anything. How about getting some self respect and stop the trolling. I've never spouted coaching advice on here like you who thinks your an expert amd call people names when people disagree. If I see your idiotic posts I will call you on it.
There is a reason you were banned before and it is because your a troll.

Multiple members have challenged your flawed assumption in this thread yet your rebutal is meat and potatoes and name calling.

Yes I reported you again because of your trolling behavior. Deal with it.

While your at it. Why don't you call up uncle toni and challenge rafa to a match? I'm sure rafa would waste his time and accept a challenge from a hack like you.

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