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TW should do a weekly Forum Poll for college tennis rankings. It would be a fun diversion, and would obviously provide a lot of discussion. I've seen this done for other non-major college sports that have discussion forums, like lacrosse.

I would't acually propose having anyone and everyone send in their list of Top 20 or 25 teams (as un-democractic as that sounds), but having set pollsters who provide a ballot of 20 or 25 teams every week, along with comments. I'm thinking the College Tennis Talk big guns: Clemson Tennis, Clark C, Kirijax, TopDawg, Mikej, Jaggy (I know there are a few more).

Again, I realize how un-democratic this sounds, but having everyone offer 25 teams makes tabulating the results cumbersome, and then you have the problem of people who follow their own team or conference but don't have the sort of broad perspective of what's going on in college tennis that some of the aforementoned posters seem to have. Plus, us mere mortals can always offer up out own Top 25 in the comments section if we so choose, and, of course, can discuss/debate the results of the poll.

Here's an example of how college lacrosse fans do it:

Just a suggestion. I'm not insisting that anyone has to do this. Could be fun though.
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