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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
interesting that after i started this thread, i noticed The Meat is trying to make a life or death decision in his thread...

ok, so rec 1hb don't play 8 ft behind, but the point is they are still pushed further back than the 2hbs are.

the tennis court is the same size for the recs and the pros - but in relative terms to their coverage ability, the court is much bigger to the recs, which means they can't afford to back up.

(to a less extent, the court is bigger to the WTA girls than to the ATP guys, which explains why flat ball draw first blood tennis works in WTA)
One the rec level one handers aren't being backed up any more than two handers. One the rec level, the depth of ball generally doesn't require you to play very deep. Where a rec player plays generally has more to do with their style of play - defensive vs. Attacking/All-court.

Rec players have a very wide range of athletic ability. Having a one hander or two hander has no impact on their ability to cover the court. The faster grinders tend to play father back anyway and still manage to win regardless of their backhand swing style.
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