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Originally Posted by max200G View Post
Here is something I had posted a while back that might help. ...
The fact that the Neos 1000 does not have 306 degrees of rotation is more of a benefit than a negative. As a result of having the tension head located higher, is the primary reasons that you do not have to add 10% of tension when comparing it to a electronic constant pull machine this is because the string is being pulled straight from the string hole with out causing any friction. If the tension head was positioned lower allowing for 360 rotation the tension head would be pulling the string out of the frame downward causing friction causing tension loss...
True but...

I have a Gamma with a Wise and a Gamma adapter that also pulls at the string bed level. When the strings are pulled at the centers (top to bottom and side to side) I see tension close to reference tension but when I pull on each string working out from the centers the tension drops. On a stringer that has constant pull each time you go out from the centers the angle at the frame remains more constant. Instead of pulling down at the centers you are pulling sideways from the corners. Not saying one method is any better than the other but something to think about. I did a video on that tension loss I can look it up if you're interested. I think I lost about one pound (or bett) on each string working out from the centers.

EDIT: Here is that video
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