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Originally Posted by Court_Gamecocks View Post
TopDawg. You do a great job on here. What is your take on the Gamecocks this year? I wanted to badly see our match vs UGA but I did not get to.
Welcome aboard, I don't think I've seen too many Cocks fans on here. You guys have definitely overachieved this year. You lost your top 2 from last year and with only 7 players on the roster you've gone from 2 wins in conference to 5. I thought you guys would upset either Ole Miss or Miss St last weekend and you had your chances in both but couldn't finish.

Before the season started I figured you guys would finish 11th ahead of just Alabama and Arkansas and I suppose if you lose to both Vandy and Kentucky this weekend you still may end up there but if you can sweep or win just one of those you could easily be 6th or 7th since everybody else is clustered right around .500.

I think Mihov has done very well at 1 after being just average for Oklahoma last year at 3. Pinheiro and Koch have improved year over year while Cox and Adams are down a bit from a year ago. Menzies has struggled in conference matches but that was to be expected.

All in all nice improvements made and you only lose Menzies so if Schafer can come in and at least hold his own at 6 next year should be even better.

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