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I actually just moved away from the Warrior, as I have improved and got stronger and I felt it no longer suited my game. I was playing with it modified, with 7g of lead at 12, 11g of lead under the grip and a tournagrip, which brought the static weight to ~335g and SW to ~345 and balance point about 6pt HL.

From my year or so of using it, I would recommend bringing up the swingweight nice and high, as that allows you to keep the ball deep in spite of the excessive spin the stringbed produces. My biggest problem from the baseline was hitting consistent put-aways as I felt that they either sit up too much from the spin, or they were too hard to control flattening out. If you play a grinding baseline game there are few better racquets though, as you can hit very deep shots very consistently.

On serve I found it very good for producing spin serves, however I found it limiting as I advanced in ability as I found it hard to hit through the ball for consistent fast serves.
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