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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I have 2 rare Lacoste LT301 racquets for same. Conditions are listed below.

Rqt 1 - This rqt has been used and show signs of court rash on the side & face of it. The grip is the original grip, but overgrips have been placed on top of it. It therefore show some overgrip residue, and the original grip is heavily showing its age. This would be good for someone who want one of the these rare rqts, would like to use it, and doesn't want to pay top $$$.

Condition 6.5/10

Rqt 2 - This rqt has been used and shows signs of court rash, and is chipped in places; but is in better condition than rqt 2. The grip is in similar condition to rqt 2. The difference is that the vibration dampener that is unique to Lacoste is missing. While it shouldn't affect the playability of the rqt, it is not complete. Again, suitable for someone who want to own one of these rqts, use it and save some money.

Condition 6/10

All rqts are grip L3, and come complete with their respective full length head covers.

Pictures are available on request.


Rqt 1 - 100

Rqt 2 - 50

Prices do not included shipping. I will ship around the world, so please contact me to confirm shipping costs.
Please send me the pictures to
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