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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
Interesting. I don't know what it is, but lately I cannot get my base clamps to glide as smoothly as I want, no matter what I do. CLP Break Free used to be awesome, but it just isn't working the same. I dunno, maybe my standards have gotten to high. I like to move the base clamps by grabbing the string clamps, but one of the techs at Gamma even told me that the run clearance just isn't big enough to do that really. That you basically need to move the clamps at the bases.

But I'm not satisfied. I was wondering if the Stringway system way somehow all rainbows an unicorns, but this video with the sticky clamps perhaps suggests otherwise.

But who knows -- maybe some sort of lube works better on the Stringway system.

EDIT: Thanks for posting!
Those clamps are very capable of moving very smoothly, they just get sticky pretty rapidly. The bases are AWESOME though, really nice locking action.

As far as the gamma, I've had one SUPER problematic clamp since I got my 5800. Recently I tried some wax on the turn table which was a huge mistake -- the tracks gummed up a lot and I cleaned it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol, no lube, and then somehow the clamps started gliding extremely smoothly... I'm not sure what happened, tbh. I unscrewed (and leave unscrewed) the two hex cap bolts on the bottom holding the plastic retaining block for the clamps. I can just slide out the plastic retaining block at my leisure now. This is convenient for upkeep and cleaning, but probably not necessary
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