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As CJC says most pros are still using the thinner beam players sticks. That will probably change over time when the 16 year old kids using Babs grow up and go pro. They will probably use softer versions of the tweeners though.

I firmly believe after 3 years of strong holicing to use what you grew up with until you simply can not anymore. I always come back to a stick that is a more modern weighted version of what I used as a kid and I play better as a result now. A players stick now was not called that when I was a junior. It was just a tennis racquet to me, but when I came back to the game I just could never jive with the stiff, thick beams (I have tried many times).

In 10 years will everyone be using Babs or will a lot more people have TE and rediscover soft, control sticks? Or maybe by then poly will be banned and everyone will have to use gut strings again.Who knows what will happen. Point is, it doesnt matter..use what works for your game.
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