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Put in 10 hours on these so far. Really quite solid shoes. I feel like they're broken in now. At first I was on top of the cushioning, rather than in it, so to speak. Now that they've conformed to my foot, I really enjoy them. They aren't necessarily a match shoe, as they feel a bit heavy for me, but I play in Vapors and Resolutions usually, so something like this is bound to feel a bit bulky. It's supportive, though, so that is a huge plus. My foot is really locked in with these shoes. No discomfort whatsoever, but I can see how players with wider feet than mine could experience some discomfort. I wouldn't say this is a spectacular shoe--I think that about the vapors on every aspect but durability--but it doesn't falter in any area. Good comfort, traction is adequate, solid support, and what seems to be good durability so far.
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