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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
I've edited my last post to add some questions and info.
If you are having difficulty tuning against the wall, remember that you need to fully relax the wrist in order to tune.

Another way to tune MgR/I (albeit a little rougher) is to swing the racquet in your living room through a big high-to-low-to-high pendulum sweep, using your normal weight transfer as if you are hitting a forehand (but with a golf style swingpath).

The thing to look for is what type of couple you feel the handle applying to your hand as your racquet passes through the low point of the arc.

If you feel the handle pressing against the base knuckle of your index finger, that means MgR/I is too low. Conversely, if you feel the handle pulling forward on the distal portion of your fingers, then MgR/I is too high.

If MgR/I is perfect, you will not feel any torque acting in either direction on your hand. You may find it useful to experiment with choking up (which will increase MgR/I) and choking down (which will lower it) in order to feel the different types of torque. For any racquet, there exists a certain hand position along the handle where the torque is zero (where MgR/I is optimized).
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