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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Does Oscar still post here?

I do believe in what he is saying on the forehand, but I think there is a caveat.

You have to be able to hit through the ball before you can really get the to the point of coming across. Coming across is the next level of power IMO.

I warmed up tonight and just hit through the ball..I hit with topspin even coming through the ball so it is a nice rally ball. Decided to take it up a notch and start swinging harder and coming across.

Now and then I have a "trick shot" in which I take a high ball and wipe across it as hard as I can from 3 to 9. If you do it now then, it screws the opponent because the bounce is very aggressive to the side. Anyway, I did that a few times just to get in the mode of swinging out and then I start swinging out a little more and coming across the ball.

Realized I had done this before, but never consciously thought about it. It does work in situations where you need a heavier rally ball and pace is coming at you. It works really well.

If you are playing at a 4.0 level on groundies you can probably play an entire match and not need to utlize this.

But if you need to turn up the pace another notch, I found this technique produces a really heavy ball that is tough to attack.

It also takes some serious practice as well so if you want to do it well, prepare to hit the ball machine and call your best hitting partners.
Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
The rally ball much like you describe is mostly what Oscar is addressing in
much of what you see from him.
5263, great to see you back.

Wrt the fh, at this point in my tennis life I have the opposite thing going on. I really focus on always wiping up and across the ball. The through-the-ball part just happens for me. Perhaps it's my grip (almost SW). It's so easy for me to get too much through-the-ball happening and not enough spin, and then the ball starts going long. I need that spin to keep the ball in. And I'm only hitting generally about 2 to 3 feet over the net.

But I hit pretty flat more most of my tennis life. It's hard to know what effect that had.

I don't change my stroke for hitting light. It's still up and across. I use the same motion and form as when I'm hitting hard and I just slow down the swing speed and usually go for more spin and more net clearance.
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