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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
I could not disagree any more and I own both. I have said this many times but will do so one more time since it has just been brought up and 2ndServe asked. The 105 is an amazing frame and my favorite ever. I am posting my 99s on the auction later today. I have played for dozens of hours with both and the 105s is amazing. Hold the 99s and the 105s up to each other and the size difference is hardly noticeable.

My doubles partner is used to the Babolat APD and also owns a 99s and is struggling to find the sweet spot with the 99s due to its lack of power. I also struggle to get the ball deep with the 99s as I am a conservative swing.....but my partner is a very very aggressive topspin swing....but for us both there is a lack of power compared to what we are used to. The 105s has a bigger sweet spot, creates more spin due to the pattern being even more open (slightly) then the 99s, has the same SW and overall weight, and is even more HL.

If more people would try this frame they would find less tinkering needed compared to the 99s. The 105s is more of a plug-and-play frame. We have a new local shop and I was there last weekend, they said they just sold 2 of the 105s frames to different people that morning.

My point is don't judge it based on the 105 size unless you have tried it, this frame is amazing.
I have not used either. I am interested in the 99 s though. I used a 104 Organix 7 and I likedvit but I prefer smaller head sizes. I hope the 99s is arm friendly as I developed golfers elbow with the APD. I also am considering the Exo3 Tour
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