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Thanks again for working with me Brittany and TW!

Tennis experience/background: 4.5 primarily doubles player. A bit of singles every now and then.

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): All court style but I like to finish at the net whenever possible.

Current shoe: Nike Court Ballistec 3.3 for practice. New Balance 996 for match days.

How many hours did you play with the shoe? Around 21 hours

Comments on shoe performance:

-comfort: I found the shoe to be very comfortable. Had more cushion than the 996's for sure. I found it just as comfortable as the Ballistecs but without the clunky feel. It still feels like a fast shoe for how much cushioning is offered. Didn't have a break in period and was comfortable right out of the box. I enjoyed that after having the excruciating break in period of my 3.3's.

-arch support: The Propulses have plenty of arch support for me. They offer more than the 996's and are better than the Ballistecs as well in my mind. I did not feel the need to change insoles, which is something I have been doing with my New Balances.

-stability/support: The support was very good in these shoes. Stability was a bit off but that was because the 10.5 size in these was bigger than the same size in my other shoes. I would order a half size down from regular if I got these again. The straps were great for locking in my forefoot and heel into the shoe. During the course of play, the shoes would loosen up a bit and that's where the extra size would make them feel a bit less stable. As long as I re-laced them on a changeover, they were fine and went right back to that locked in feel that I really enjoyed about them. They support was still there 20+ hrs in which is a bit better than my 996's or old 851's. With those I could feel the support for my ankles starting to weaken. These continued to be nice and sturdy the entire way through my play time.

-ventilation: Solid ventilation. I preferred these over my Ballistecs. They don't breathe quite as well as my 996's do so I would probably transition these to more of a practice shoe. I like match day shoes to be as light and breathable as possible. Still, the ventilation is better than the Nike's and easily better than the last Barricades I had.

-sole durability: The soles are still holding up very well. I have been playing a mix of indoor and outdoor hard courts and the tread pattern is just starting to smooth of at the front of the shoe. Even though I only have about 21 hours on them, they seem to be wearing on par with my Ballistecs and look to be holding up a bit better than my 996's.

-toe durability: No issues whatsoever with toe durability. I'm not a big toe dragger though. The only shoe I ever had a toe issue with was the Adizero Ace and that was just a cheap shoe. I can see some scuffing from the times I do drag, but there is no sign of any other wear on the toe.

-traction: Traction was very solid. They are less grippy than my 996's, which I actually kind of liked. I felt that the shoes allowed to me to slide a little bit more which I tend to do when on the run on hard courts. It was a good combination as I felt I had enough traction for quick stops and lateral moves but the shoes didn't fight me when I tried to slide.

-weight: The Propulse 4 is not quite as light as the NB 996, but it is lighter than my pair of Ballistec 3.3's. To me it also feels and plays lighter than it is. It had a solid weight and cushion to it without feeling like tanks on my feet, which the Ballistecs do. I never felt hampered or bothered by the weight of the Propulse 4.

General reaction/comments on overall performance: The Propulse 4 is a very solid shoe. It has a fairly light feel with nice stability and support while still providing a high level of traction and cushion. I think I would have liked these even more had I gotten them a half size smaller. That would have fixed the issue of my foot moving around a bit in the shoe. I enjoyed these much more than my Ballistecs and will put them into play as my practice shoe of choice.
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