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Originally Posted by Rob_C View Post
So, since we cant mention specific names, anybody know why the kid that won the USTA Carson 18s tourney didnt play the Easter Bowl??

Also, that other kid that lost 2 & 4 to a top 100 pro, but comes back the the jrs and loses early, to an unseeded player in Carson, and lost today at the Easter Bowl, to an unseeded, but very good player, any thoughts on that???
I saw some of the 2nd set of the match vs the top 100 pro. The pro seemed to be working on his low slice. And what an excellent low slice it was!

Thats why in tennis all you can do is look at an entire body of work. Its so hard to judge a few matches. Sometimes a player uses a match to work on some aspect of their game, so the score is misleading. Perhaps one player had an injury, or a career great day. We see all the time surprising results when we look at 1 or 2 matches on someones record.

The other factor is style. Sometimes an excellent player just runs into someone whose style gives them fits.

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