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Originally Posted by GoudX View Post
Free extra power and reach if you can handle the swingweight. Nearly all the shorter players use some kind of extended racquet to get a boost on serve, Rochus and Ferrer are both using 28" racquets by the look of it.

I think the lack of extended length players racquets available nowadays is a pity for the shorter amateur players, as you get a choice of a control racquet or an extended Babolat (The Pure Storm Tour extended looks interesting, but the string bed still feels a bit lively on the regular one). I would really like to try hitting with an extended Prestige or a POG longbody.
Yes, shorter guys get a serve boost. I've read a few articles stating that extended rackets have the most impact on serving. Chang was one of the first short guys to improve his serve with x-racket. Personally, I am not a fan but could see giving them another shot as I'm a hair under 5'10".

Ferrer also uses that goofy 2 HBH grip with his hands about 2-3" apart. I am sure the extended length helps compensate for his lack of reach on his backhand.
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