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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
Specifically I was responding to the idea of just hitting through the ball if you're playing lower level players and that hitting up and across is reserved for specific occasions. For that easier, slower ball, like when you're playing mini-tennis for instance, I try to keep the prep (including the shoulder turn) the same as a full stroke, but I just don't turn my shoulders into the ball as powerfully as I normally would and therefore slow down the swing speed. I try to maintain the form, but most of the racquet speed is going up and across. I (should) get a lot of spin and generous net clearance. I find this super helpful for grooving the form. If I can get that happening then I get more pace by turning my shoulders more powerfully and closing the racquet face a bit more to lower the net clearance.

If I'm in a "real" rally and I just want to hit more spin then it's like you said - it's actually feels like a faster stroke. I try not to take the racquet back quite as far and really try to get below the ball with the racquet head and my legs.
I see what you are saying and very good points. Thanks for the clarification.
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