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Its hard for me not to love Wade. I remember at the 94 French that she thought Graf should play more "mundane " tennis. Only she could've thought to put it that way. Bad advice, but very Virginia.

Pam and Mary were better as color analysts than lead announcers. That role strays too far from their strengths. Mary was most fun in the early 80's when she commentated as a lark. Somewhere in the late 80's she started taking herself too seriously. But she's made a nice career for herself. So what do I know?

Never liked Becker but found him good in this role. Same with Novotna in that her commentating showed how smart she really is.

I've given my opinions on Evert and Connors often so no need to add to that.

The worst commentators to me have been Leif Shiras, Kathy Jordan, Zina Garrison, and Barbara Potter. All smart people, I just find them distracting.
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