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My objective is to compare strings in detail, so I can pick strings that suit my preferences. IWhether this is all necessary, I'm not sure. It could potentially save me money.

Firstly, I wanted to see how useful the TWU tool is for comparing long-term nylon tension loss. This remains to be seen atm, until RacquetTune data is collected.

Secondly, I was challenging your "Co-polys are 10-15% stiffer then the TWU figures" comment from ChicagoJack's thread. At the time, I was trying to work out the overall string-bed stiffness of a gut/co-poly hybrid. This could have been wrong if the co-poly was 10-15% too soft. So I started a new thread to further investigate this. The idea was that if I can work out the stringbed stiffness of a hybrid, I will know which tension to pick if I change a string, or both strings, in the hybrid. Repeatedly getting new string jobs, just to find the right tension, seems so wasteful to me.

There are also other things that come into play when picking a tension though, like tension loss. If the tension loss of the string was high, I would consider stringing at a higher tension. Having read some of your comments i think it would be best to look at the "assorted candy" to pick a tension, rather then gaging the overall stringbed stiffness using mathematical formulas. Do you agree? Sometimes when you over-think, you under-think certain aspects as well. I think that's what I've done here.

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Incidentally, this is why, with natural gut (and to a lesser extent with ZX), I think it makes sense to string very tight. At high tensions the stiffness and energy return are more or less the same as at low tensions, so the power (ACOR) will be very similar. But at high tension the strings will deflect less, providing more consistent rebound angles on shots hit at various places on the stringbed. At low tension you don't really get much out of the deal except longer dwell time and increased comfort, at the expense of directional control.
Are you referring to a full bed here? Does stringing gut and ZX at high tensions increase the COF? You also get a little less durability at high tensions, which could be an issue for some. Does the higher rebound angle of lower tensions not have some advantages, if you apply a lot of spin? You get easier access to spin, less risk of netting the ball.

Again, thanks for all the all the informative replies.

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