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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I have not used either. I am interested in the 99 s though. I used a 104 Organix 7 and I likedvit but I prefer smaller head sizes. I hope the 99s is arm friendly as I developed golfers elbow with the APD. I also am considering the Exo3 Tour
That's funny because the other frame in my bag other then the 99s and 105s is the new Organix 7 (295) frame. I don't have elbow problems at all and never have so it is hard for me to compare. the 105s does feel softer then the 99s. The 105s actually feels like a small head then the 104 in of the organix 7....but it could be because it is so far head light. My partner his the ADP GT and feels like the 99s is much much softer feeling.
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