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Yes, I've read about spin being attributed to the mains snapback. I saw pics of pros' racket mains being pulled as much as one inch away by the ball at contact.

So far, my experiences with NG is still inconclusive. I got so much more spin with ELT syn gut (SG) that initially, I had problems getting the ball over the net. It just curled down on my side.

I already hit with a lot of topspin before ELT. So I had to modify, sort of flatten the follow through a little. That added a different dimension to my shots.

I suspect the mains could have been pulled much further than where it settled?

While Yourmailman got more spin with NG, I seem to get more with SG. Perhaps it's different rackets, or gauge or tension?

Having so much spinny fun now, especially when I play with strangers for the first time, I'm not in a hurry to dig out the differences yet

ELT works!
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