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Stringing: Easy to string, no issues with coil memory.

Tension used for playtest: 48# mains and crosses, two piece string job on a lockout machine.

Regular string set up: Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough @ 48#, same setup as used for this playtest.

Racquet brand and model used for test: Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid (93 sq in., 16x19)

I played the string for about 15 hours of hitting on the ball machine, playing doubles, and hitting serves out of the hopper.

Power of test string: 3/5. The string isn't particularly powerful, even strung at 48# but that's not a bad thing. The best string for me is one that isn't too powerful strung in the 40's but that will produce the spin I need and this string delivers.

Feel: 3.5/5 (for a poly), (2.5/5 versus other types of string). I play nothing but full beds of poly I realize that, by definition, I sacrifice a lot in this category but the feel isn't bad for a polyester string. I was able to reliably place my volleys and drop shots a majority of the time. I like the crisp feel of this string and it doesn't trampoline at all @ 48# so that's a good thing.

Spin: 4.5/5. The spin potential was excellent here for groundies and for serving. It seemed a little higher than other Volkl strings I've played (V-Pro and Cyclone) but about the same as my favorite go-to strings (Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough and Solinco Tour Bite).

Comfort: 4/5. As poly strings go, this one is very comfortable. I had zero pain or string-related fatigue as a result of playing with this string even after doing 2 solid hours on the ball machine -> 30 minute break -> 1 hour serving out of the hopper.

Durability: 4/5. It has been about 15 hours of play and I've yet to break these. They have some notching but they have lasted a little longer than Big Hitter Blue Rough for me. Durability level seems to be very similar to Volkl Cyclone.

Playability Duration: 4/5. The playability characteristics of this string have degraded very little in 15 hours. I'm happy that the thing hasn't become a rocket launcher and spin production remains high. Again, very similar to its stablemate, Volkl Cyclone.

Control: 3.5/5. Control is about middle of the road for me. I've been able to hit balls into the corners from both wings in all areas of the court but I've had to be a little more careful (i.e. not trying to clip the lines) than usual in order to ensure that I don't hit wide or long. I expect good control since I play with a 93 sq. inch racquet but this has just been average. I don't like serving with this string because it doesn't give me a sense of command; I feel less confident in placement than with my usual setup. Pros: control is slightly above average for groundies, slice shots, volleys, and drop shots. Cons: control is slightly below average for serves.

Compare to the string you use most often: I like this string for groundstroke rallies but, frankly, it doesn't fit my game as well as Big Hitter Blue Rough and it's more expensive too. As I've mentioned above, the spin production is on par with BHBR and it's less powerful but I don't feel like I have as much control and I didn't like serving with it.

Tension recommendations: I always play poly between 45 and 50# so maybe this would be better if it was strung a little tighter for more control. I may order a set at some point in the future and string it around 53-55 to see if the control factor improves enough to make it shine without making anything else worse.

Final thoughts: It's another good string from Volkl but there are some better options for my game at a similar or lower price point. Thanks TW!

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