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have you been working out? i was gona say your legs look a little more muscular.

anyway.. looks better. there's more weight transfer.

you have to work more on creating a more stable base. you're still a little off balance. when you hit a lot of times you still have that little quick shuffle thing you do. that's because your body is trying to find balance. most of the time that happens because you are not properly loading on your right leg.
you get in the right stance but the weight is not on your right leg. it's more towards the middle. then when you push off the right leg when it's not loaded you get out of balance. you shuffle and twist and turn.

personally i think you prepare about 1/2 second too late. if you do your takeback 1/2 sec earlier you'll have more time to load and get balanced. sometimes you're still a little rushed and hit late. I know you can do it because the timing on your bh is good. you are more balanced, have more time and have a better rythm on the bh. it looks stable. fh stil just a touch 'out of control' balance wise. look how solid and stable you look when you hit a bh compared to a fh.

try putting a lot more weight on the right and a little earlier. if you put 70% of your weight on your right leg then you will almost automatically be balanced because your body will naturally balance out that weight ****. you won't have to think about it. then you will be loaded and balanced which will give you a smoother, easier, more consistent, more powerful swing just from a proper balanced load with no change in swing mechanics needed.

but still there were a lot of good shots in there. pretty cool.
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